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Name: Chris Hoy

Age: 32

From: Edinburgh

Disciplines: Track (team sprint, keirin, individual sprint)

Career synopsis: As a teenager Chris rode mountain bikes, time trials, road and track. Since turning senior however, Chris has decided to focus his efforts on the track where he has been prolific, winning many titles. Chris was awarded sports personality of the year in 2003 and received an MBE for services to cycling in 2005.

Titles held: 2004 Olympic champion in the 1km time trial (the ?kilo?); 2002 World Champion team sprint; 2002 World Champion 1km time trial; 2004 World Champion ?Kilo?; 2005 World Champion team sprint; 2006 World Champion 1km time trial; 2007 World Champion ?Kilo?; 2007 World Champion keirin; 2008 World Champion sprint; 2008 World Champion keirin; 2002 Commonwealth Champion ?Kilo?; 2006 Commonwealth Champion team sprint.

Two things you didn?t know about… Chris studied Applied Sports Science at Edinburgh University and was later awarded an honorary doctorate from the same university. His birthday is on March 23, the same day as fellow sprinter Jason Kenny’s.


Do you have any family coming out to watch you in Beijing?

My mum and dad, and my sister and her fiancé, and my girlfriend.

It seemed like your dad was on the telly more than you were during the World Championships.

Yeah, that?s the last time I let him sit in the front row!

Have you ever been to China before?

Just the once, for the World Cup. It reminded me of Moscow, with the grand buildings and contrast between rich and poor. The velodrome is very impressive.

Are there any Olympians who you particularly admire?

Michael Johnson is someone I have always really admired, because of his domination of the 200 and 400 metres. I know what it is like to be on the top of the pile and have to keep defending again and again, and to see a guy who can keep doing that is very impressive.

What non-cycling Olympic sport do you most enjoy?

I love the weightlifting ? guys that are half my weight lifting the same weight I can do. You can really appreciate it when you do weights yourself.

How do you cope with all the waiting around?

I am very good at wasting time. I was rubbish at it when I was younger. When I first joined the team at 18 I couldn?t keep still and pass the time, but I have learned.

Any plans for time off after the Games?

I am going to Japan to do keirin racing in October, so I will have a month of ticking over in terms of training, then go to Japan, then go on holiday with my girlfriend for a couple of weeks. Then it will be back into the World Cup season after that.