73 Miles of Wiltshire - Riding the Wildcat

We got Rob Hoyles, to preview the standard route of the Wiltshire Wildcat sportive taking place on 8th March 2020

Sunday 8th March 2020 - Short 44 miles | Standard 73 miles

Driving west towards Salisbury, ‘apprehensive’ is the only word to accurately describe my mood. ‘Nervous’ would be a bad choice, as would ‘worried’. Sure, I’d completed plenty of harder, longer rides than this before, but they had always been off the back of a decent block of training or at least during an uninterrupted period of riding: at a point when my weight and fitness intersected at a tangent I’d like to call ‘not bad for an old bloke’. I try to ignore the anxiety and look forward to a good day in the saddle; after all, history says this ride shouldn’t be a problem.

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