20 hacks to beat the cold and keep riding through the winter

Here's how to train through the winter without getting cold and miserable

Image shows a rider cycling through the winter
(Image credit: Future)

Nothing will toughen you up more than the winter. Blistering cold temperatures, howling headwinds and torrential downpours – if you can endure these conditions on the bike, you can endure anything. OK, so few of us would choose to ride on roads caked in mud and littered with water-filled craters, but this is where we live, so we’d best get on with it. 

After thousands of miles of suffering out in the elements getting the hours in, I’ve had plenty of time to think about crafty ways to make winter riding just that bit more tolerable. In this feature, I want to share with you some of the ‘hacks’ I’ve tried and tested. They are simple yet so effective, and you’ll wish you had tried them out sooner. Sit down, take out a notebook and pen, and prepare to brighten up your winter training forever.  

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