Strava users can now add video clips to bring their uploads to life

Multiple 30 second clips can now sit alongside any photos you want to share with your ride

Image shows Strava's new activity upload feature.
(Image credit: Strava)

Strava has started rolling out video support, allowing all users - whether you’re a subscriber or not - to add short video clips to activities uploaded on the platform.

The social fitness tracking platform is adding to the ‘social’ side of its app and website. Previously you could add photos to any activity you uploaded, now Strava is adding the ability to upload multiple clips of 30 seconds in either landscape or portrait mode.  

While all users are able to view videos others have posted on the app, you may find that you can’t currently upload videos to your workouts, and that’s because the update is being slowly phased in over the next few weeks. Strava says that it anticipates all users will be able to upload videos by the end of June or early July. 

There’s now the button to ‘add media’, whether that’s photos or videos, and there’s no limit to how many you can upload. 

Strava allows you to add videos of any length, but it will automatically crop the upload to the first 30 seconds. As there isn’t any built-in trimming capability, you’re going to have to cut out the section you don’t want before you upload. 

If you click ‘edit media’ you can reorder the uploads and set one as the ‘highlight’ image/video which will be on full show when others are scrolling down their feeds. 

As videos can take a little longer to upload, you can save the activity and Strava will continue uploading the video in the background, as long as you don’t quit the app.

Being able to better document and remember your rides is certainly a welcome addition to the app.

It could also prove useful for route planning purposes. For gravel rides, it can be particularly useful to see if a section is rocky or sloppy. 

This update follows Strava's added gravel riding support with new trail activity types including gravel riding and off-road specific routing features to help riders go exploring on their next adventure.

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