Cycling industry Christmas wishlist

Still struggling to find the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life? here's what the riders, campaigners, policy makers, photographers and company bosses really want from Father Christmas this year ...

Graham Watson, professional cycling photographer

"A Trek Domane with helium-filled tyres to let me climb hills better...or to just be able to climb hills!"

Tejvan Pettinger, national hill climb champion

"I'd like a Trek Speed Concept with Shimano Di2. If Santa doesn't have any money, I'll take a pair of socks."

Adam Hansen, rider for Lotto-Belisol

"I don't think I need anything. Maybe the hours of the day could be increased to 36!"

Annie Simpson, rider for Hope Factory

"I'd like a Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer to help take my obsession with baking to new levels. Failing that a PowerTap would be good. I'm a girl with expensive tastes!"

Erick Rowsell, rider for NetApp-Endura

"A subscription to Cycling Weekly out here in Spain, obviously! Or something that could instantly make me speak Spanish, that would make life a lot easier."

Danni Khan, GB junior world champion track sprinter

"Although I love my Ford Ka, I'd like a car that's big enough to fit my bike in!"

Matt Brammeier, rider for Champion-System/Synergy-Baku

"An injury-free off season would be cool! I'd also like a holiday home in Santa Monica with a Ferrari California on the drive. Oh, and for Synergy-Baku to get a wildcard into Paris-Roubaix. That would do."

Martin Gibbs, UCI Chief of Staff (and new father)

"I'd like a few nights of uninterrupted sleep please! Oh, and a stocking full of go-faster bits for my Brompton, and time in Chris Boardman's wind tunnel so I've got all the gear for my target race of 2014: the Brompton Worlds!"

Tao Geoghegan Hart, rider for Bissell in 2014

"I don't want anything other than to spend some quality time with my family and catch up with all of them. I'm not a very Christmas-y person."

Lucy Garner, rider for Argos-Shimano

"Oh dear, I have no clue what I want for Christmas, I'm a pain at Christmas time. So I'm going to have to say a surprise. You can't beat a good surprise!"

Gordon Seabright, CTC chief executive

"A bike shed so my incredibly tolerant family could have fewer bikes and bits filling up the house. I'd like Santa to bring Michael Gove the sudden realisation that adding cycling to his National Curriculum would bring every child in the country the lifelong gift of riding a bike.

Hugh Porter, cycling commentator

"At my age there aren't many things I yearn for, but a new pair of knees would be most welcome."

Nikki Harris, British cyclo-cross champion

"I would like to have a private helicopter for the day that would get me out of Belgium to spend the day with all my family back home in Derby.

Jack Pullar, rider for Madison-Genesis

"I want a new coffee machine because I can't do latte art on my current one!"

Yanto Barker, rider for UK Youth and owner of Le Col

"I'd like a Le Col B5 jacket and tights. Mike Hawkins [CW tech editor] has a pair."

Emily Kay, junior team pursuit world champion

"I'd definitely like a coffee machine. Full time bike riding has driven me to become a coffee addict."

Brian Cookson, UCI President

"I'd like a nice vintage Gretsch guitar under my Christmas tree please."

James McCallum, rider for Rapha-Condor-JLT (and new father)

"I'd like a new electric toothbrush or a full night's sleep. Whichever comes first I'll be happy with."

Joanna Rowsell, Olympic team pursuit champion

"A cat!"

James Gullen, rider for Hope Factory

"I'd probably like a onesie to lie around in after training. Keeping warm must be good for recovery!"

Ian Bibby, rider for Madison-Genesis

"Can I have a flight to Australia so I can dodge the January snow and rain?"

Hannah Barnes, rider for MG-Maxifuel

"I only ever ask for cheese and crackers: my guilty pleasure! I am mostly looking forward to seeing all my family because I won't see everyone for a while once I've moved to America in January."

Joe Perrett, national 25 mile TT champion

"I'd like some more clothes and toiletries. Like T-shirts, aftershaves and stuff. I don't need any bike bits to be honest."

Emma Pooley, rider for Bigla Cycling Team

"I'm not that into presents, but for Christmas I'd like to go back to Norwich, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on a year's backlog of sleep. To facilitate that I'd like to have my PhD corrections all done, and my running injury gone. So at least one gift I can give myself!"

Jim McFarlane, boss of clothing company Endura

"I would like to ask Santa to uplift the 5kg of Christmas lard that he left round my waist last year. It's an unwanted gift."

Scott Thwaites, rider for NetApp-Endura

"I'm not really sure. I'd probably want a new coffee machine as the last one broke recently."

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