Faster: The cycling podcast from Dr Hutch

Dr Hutch goes in search of what gives the fastest riders in the world their edge

Faster podcast with Dr Hutch
(Image credit: Stripped media)

Michael Hutchinson – better known as Dr. Hutch in these parts – has started a new podcast. Called Faster with Dr Hutch and supported by Cycling Weekly, it follows on from his book of the same name, and takes a detailed look at exactly what makes a fast bike rider.

“Faster was published in 2015, and I’ve really enjoyed the way people always want to talk to me about the stuff that’s in there, so I thought it was time to do something new in the same area,” he says. 

“It’s going to be a dive into the physiology, psychology, genetics, training and the technology of some of the best riders and teams. I want to know exactly how they can do what they do.”

In the first series, Dr. Hutch starts off talking to Steve Cummings about how exactly he won his Tour de France stages, with a rummage around the numbers, the preparation and how he deals with the mental pressures of the breakaway specialist.

“It’s not just the riders,” says Dr. Hutch. “I’m talking to coaches and sports scientists as well – they often have a different perspective on elite performance, they can explain what’s going on in a way that if anything makes you more impressed with what the top riders can do.”

Episode 1 - Steve Cummings on engineering wins

Episode 2 - Katie Archibald on training through an ever changing pandemic

Episode 3 - Stepping up to the senior ranks

Episode 4 - How ultra endurance riders keep going

The weekly show is produced with Stripped Media, and will be available on Spotify and all the usual podcast sources, just search 'Faster with Dr Hutch' in you podcast app of choice