Jeremy Vine investigates crash after co-host Storm Huntley knocked of her bike by driver

The driver reportedly said ‘I f***ed up’ after the collision

Storm Huntley's helmet after she was knocked off her bike
(Image credit: Twitter/@StormHuntley)

Jeremy Vine has delved into an investigation after his co-host Storm Huntley was knocked off her bike by a driver. 

Channel 5 presenters Vine and Huntley have both shared details of the collision on social media, and have also discussed the incident on the Jeremy Vine on 5 show. 

The collision happened as Huntley cycled home from work through west London, when the driver overtook her and then turned left across the cycle lane she was riding in. 

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Vine, a passionate cycling advocate, routinely raises awareness of cycling safety both on his social media channels and on air, and he has shared an in-depth analysis of the crash.

Huntley said: “Yesterday I was cycling home from work and I was knocked off my bike by a car.

“Normally when I think about these sorts of situations I always think it must be a really aggressive altercation between a driver and a cyclist.

“Actually this was a complete accident, the car [driver] just did not see me, turned left, knocked me off my bike.

“I cracked my head on the ground, so much so I’ve got a big crack in my helmet.

“I’m so thankful I was wearing a helmet, because that could have been a very different situation.”

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The crash happened on Monday (August 9) at the junction of Hammersmith Road and North End Road in the Kensington area of west London. 

Huntley was knocked off her electric Brompton bike, but fortunately did not suffer any serious injuries. 

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She said: “I just remember thinking ‘don’t go under the car.’ The next thing I remember I cracked my head on the ground.  

“If there’s any credit to be given to a very bad driver, it is that he did stop, he was completely shell-shocked and he admitted it was completely his fault.” 

Huntley had forgotten to take details from the driver after the shock of the crash, while Vine said the driver said “I f***ed up” after the crash.  

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