3.2 billion miles ridden by British cyclists in 2014: the highest for 23 years

Seventh successive year-on-year ride in number of miles ridden by British cyclists, and the highest in 23 years

(Image credit: Chris Catchpole)

Cyclists in Great Britain rode a combined total of 3.2 billion miles in 2014 – the most mileage in 23 years.

Updated figures from the Department for Transport show that 3.8 per cent more miles were undertaken via bike last year compared to 2013, the seventh successive year-on-year rise.

Unsurprisingly given that it is the most densely-populated area of the country, the south-east accounted for the most mileage, topping the scales with 500 million miles; the east of England recorded a likewise figure and London pedalled 0.4 billion miles.

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The worst performing regions in England were the north-east, which managed just 100 million miles, followed by the West Midlands with 200 million.

Scotland’s cyclists contributed 100 million miles, whilst 200 million miles of road was ridden in Wales.

For all the talk of Britain’s new-found love affair with the bike, it would appear that cycling was actually more popular between 1982 and 1984 when four billion miles were ridden. The highest-recorded total was in a time of fewer cars and when records begun in 1949, a year when cyclists across the UK covered 14.7 billion miles.

Maybe Chris Boardman and BC do have point about David Cameron needing to implement cycling improvements urgently…

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