The best cycling accessories that haven't been invented yet

We asked the collective brains of the Cycling Weekly readership to come up with a must-have cycling accessory that has yet to be created

(Image credit: Dan Gould)

Every cyclist likes something that makes their cycling life that little bit easier or more enjoyable, and while new cycling inventions appear on an almost daily basis on crowd-funding websites there's still room for more...

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers for their cycling accessory invention ideas. Here are a selection of answers, brought to you in association with Decathlon.

If you could invent any accessory for a bike, what would it be? Let us know in the comment section below.

With the increased commonality of electronic groupsets, surely frame manufacturers could include LED lights into frames? Rear lights built into seat posts and rear stays. Front 'be seen' lights built in to head tubes. Utilising the groupset battery to power these is an obvious step.

Martyn Kimberley

A ‘bell’ that instead of ringing either politely says ‘excuse me please’ loudly (so I don't have to shout it because, let's face it, pedestrians don't even notice a bell when they are walking on the cycle path) and that sounds like a huge truck (for the moped riders on the cycle paths) depending on which button you press.

Joy Hope

Mudguard wet muddy

Mudguard revenge device

Rear Mudguard with integrated 'dirt sprays' which only turn on to return the favour to a rider you previously sat behind who has not got mudguards!

Tom Cullen

A frame that changes to give you the best position for your parameters in all situations. Like a dropper seatpost, but everywhere. The bike can dial you in depending on your ability to stay in the position. If you are tired or have an aching neck it will change to a more relaxed comfort position. If you are good to go it will put you in the best aero position.

Mark Middleton

Intravenous bonkometer that doses you up when your blood sugar starts to drop and texts a TUE request to the UCI beforehand.

Karl Cosnett


An automatic cleat release when speed falls below 1mph so I don't fall off again when I forget to unclip at a junction.

Kerry Hague

That one extra gear, yes you know THAT one you can never find going up a hill.

Jeff Will Bee

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Lightweight, stiff, thermally-insulated cycling shoes that are completely waterproof with ability to turn on a heating element.

Darryl Collins

Built-in front and rear cameras that not only take a picture of a motorist's license plate when they pass to close and/or cause bodily harm or death but will also send those pictures to a law enforcement agency automatically in case of an accident along with GPS information to find you.

Burt Fleming

Instant inflatable pop-up café that fits under your saddle.

Steve Barlow

Definitely time for an energy-harvesting device to power all the on bike gadgets so you don't have to keep bringing them in the house to charge all the while.

Tom Webb

A crank and bottom bracket that were guaranteed not to creak... ever.

Martin Hughes

A flux capacitor.

Mark Beaconsfield

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