The best #ThingsIWouldBan from cycling...

It seems as though cyclists would like to ban quite a lot

We all love the sport of cycling (or if you don't you are probably on the wrong website).

But it seems as though there are a number of things people would liked to see excluded from cycling, this became evidently clear after we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers the simple question what '#ThingsIWouldBan from Cycling'.

You didn't disappoint and here are a selection of the best comments.

1. Agreed.

2. Let's not get into this again.

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3. We have all been there.

4. Not sure whether everyone will agree with this one

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5. But how will everyone know how to ride a bike without the rules?!

6. N+1 is real life action right here.

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7. I feel there is a lot of personal experience with this complaint.

8. Which side are you on? We have some done some very in depth research on the subject.

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9. But are they above or below leg warmers?

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10. What goes up must come down... and then go up again.

11. Our Digital Editor is also a part-time fashion guru.

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12. I don't see any issues implementing this.

13. Perhaps Dan shouldn't read this article.