THE Braveheart cycling fund will support 27 Scottish cyclists throughout 2007, giving them £37,000 of backing. This is the highest number of riders the fund has supported, and the backup includes help towards accommodation, travel, coaching and their racing program.

The Braveheart fund, that is now in its fourth year, is focusing more of it?s efforts on junior riders, five of whom will be based in Belgium for much of the season, although the fund continues to support a wide range of riders on a three-tier funding structure.

12-year-old, Kyle Yates is the youngest on the fund, with Commonwealth bronze medallist Kate Cullen the most senior. Road, mountain bike and track riders are represented across the fund that aims to provide a stepping stone for talented riders, “The fund was not established to give riders long-term financial assistance,” former pro Brian Smith said. “Our role is to help them progress to the next level, and that means a professional career.”

Smith, who established the fund went on to say that forty four riders applied for funding this year, but it was impossible to support them all.

The funded riders are:

1. Kate Cullen (29), track

2. Ross Creber (18), mountain bike

3. Alex Coutts (23), road

4. Evan Oliphant (24), road

5. Kevin Barclay (18), road/track

6. David Smith (23), road

7. Hamish Creber (16), mountain bike

8. Joe Barnes (18), mountain bike

9. Chris Hutchens (17), mountain bike

Braveheart Juniors:

1. Shane Charlton (17), track

2. Ross Yates (16), road

3. Tom Dempster (16), road

4. Peter Ettles (17), road

5. Andrew Whitehall (17), road

6. Eileen Roe (17), road

7. Daisy Sherwood (16), road

Braveheart Academy:

1. Magnus Davidson (15)

2. Calum McLean (15)

3. Kyle Yates (12)

4. Aaron Murray (15)

5. Craig Martin (14)

6. Kevin Stewart (15)

7. Ewan Clark (15)

8. Kenta Gallagher (14)

9. Mark Sinclair (14)

10. Patrick Galbraith (13)

11. Kayleigh Brogan (14)