Bus driver who pushed cyclist off bike found guilty of assault and fined £400

Court hears how Stephen Metcalfe pushed a cyclist into railings after he had an argument with another driver

Cyclists are overtaken by a bus while using a cycle lane in Oxford
(Image credit: Flickr/Tejvan Pettinger)

A bus driver from York who pushed a cyclist off his bike and into some railings has been found guilty of assault and fined £400.

York Magistrates Court heard how Stephen Metcalfe climbed out of the bus he was driving, walked around another bus in front of him, and pushed a cyclist into some railings, York Press reports.

Simon Ostler, the prosecutor, told the court how the cyclist had been involved in an argument with another bus driver who had told him that company policy said that he was not allowed aboard the bus with his bike.

After riding off the cyclist then saw the same bus behind him, and stopped to continue the argument, before Mr Metcalfe pushed him into the railings.

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Mr Ostler said that the cyclists suffered a wrenched wrist, sprained elbow, and minor injuries to his shoulder and ribs in the incident.

Mr Metcalfe's solicitor, Steve Munro, told the court that his client had acted out of character and was "concerned for the passengers on his bus and the bus ahead of him and that is why he got involved".

After pleading guilty of assault, Mr Metcalfe was handed a £400 fine, ordered to pay £100 compensation to the cyclist, £85 prosecution costs, and a £40 statutory surcharge.