Cambridge cyclists to face course or fine if they break law

'Cycling Discretionary Scheme' may be introduced in Cambridge for dangerous cyclists, in line with treatment given to law-breaking motorists

Cycle low-level traffic lights

Cyclists in Cambridge who flout the law could face the option of taking a 'corrective' course or be fined under a new scheme aimed at educating dangerous riders.

A 'Cycling Discretionary Scheme' would see those cyclists who get caught riding without lights at night, jumping red lights or riding on pavements faced with either completing an online course or be fined, reports the Cambridge News. This is in line with similar penalties faced by motorists.

Sergeant Ian Wood of Cambridge's neighbourhood policing team said: "These diversionary schemes are focussed on educating road users, rather than being overly-punitive however, they are only offered under stringent circumstances.

"Similarly, as the system is now more automated we are able to highlight repeat offenders and hold them to account, in a bid to improve road safety across the city. Personally, I wholeheartedly welcome this scheme."

Those taking the hour-long online course would pay a fee, rather than be fined.

"The main objective of this course will be to provide education, to change cycling behaviour and ultimately to reduce casualties on the road and to enable all road users to share the roads safely together," said Finola Carey, Cambridgeshire police service's casualty reduction officer.

No date has yet been set on when the course may be introduced.