Cheshire villagers protest against 'shouting, swearing and urinating' cyclists

Great Budworth parish council send letter to cycling clubs in region asking members to be more considerate when riding through the village

Great Budworth. Image: Google Maps

(Image credit: Google Maps)

Residents of Great Budworth in Cheshire have complained about the behaviour of cyclists riding through their village, saying that they have had enough of them 'shouting and swearing' and seeing them urinating in the open.

Villagers say that groups of 20-30 cyclists ride in a dangerous manner at speed through the village, talking loudly to each other and using offensive language. Some have been seen stopping to urinate near local landmarks.

Great Budworth parish council has sent a letter to 10 cycle clubs that regularly ride through the village requesting that they be considerate when using local roads. The letter was written after several villagers asked for action.

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The Northwich Guardian reports that Caroline Marshall of Great Budworth parish council said: "We have received a number of complaints from residents within the village regarding the conduct of cyclists riding though the village.

"Frequently cyclists come through Great Budworth at a dangerous speed (often in group formations) that are dangerous to both other road users and pedestrians.

"Whilst we appreciate that riders enjoy travelling through such a picturesque village as ours we would like to ask them to be more considerate of the residents who live there. Repeatedly cyclists are overheard using offensive language and generally shouting as they travel through.

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"It has also been reported that cyclists have been seen urinating in the street, and within both our Upper and Lower Pump houses, historical landmarks in the village.

"We consider all of this conduct unacceptable and urge you strongly to remind your members about what should be considered acceptable behaviour."

Weaver Valley Cycling Club and North Cheshire Clarions said in a statement that it was a 'small minority' of non-club cyclists who were responsible for the poor behaviour.

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