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CTC - the UK's national cyclists' organisation - is supporting an initiative to help clear the roads of debris such as broken glass, metal, gravel and other rubbish.

The British Motorcyclists? Federation (BMF) has produced a ?Rubbish Roads Ahead? booklet and is writing to every local highway authority urging them to clean-up the areas of carriageway used by two-wheeled vehicles.

CTC Campaigns & Policy Manager, Roger Geffen, said: ?Rubbish Roads are as much as a problem for cyclists as they are for powered two-wheelers ? this booklet is a perfect complement to our own pothole reporting website at

All two-wheeled vehicles have a very small contact area between the road and the tyre, so even a small amount of loose material can cause a loss of traction.

Road sweeping is a simple and effective method of road safety improvement that could save dozens of lives and prevent expensive and time-consuming litigation for highway authorities.


Rubbish Roads Ahead booklet (PDF format document)


Fill That Hole campaign: