Cycling Weekly club 10 hall of fame

Join us on Zwift each Wednesday evening for a ten mile time trial on one of five courses in the virtual world

The Cycling Weekly club ten on Zwift takes place every Wednesday evening at 6pm. Join the CW staff and others for a weekly blast around a variety of courses on the virtual racing platform.

What: 10 mile individual time trial

When: Every Wednesday, 6pm (UK time)

Where: Zwift. Courses: Tempus Fugit, London 8, Bologna, Tick Tock, Innsbruckring

Entry: Go to or download the companion app, go to the events tab and scroll to the next Wednesday

Cycling Weekly club ten race on Zwift has been running since summer 2020 and our list of winners grows ever longer. Launched during lockdown when racing was just a dream we'll be continuing the event as the UK comes out of lockdown through 2021. A ten mile effort can supplement your training and act as a good marker for your fitness as it improves through the season.

>>>Enter the Cycling Weekly club ten via or the companion app

To ride this week all you have to do is go to the event page on Zwift and once you've logged in, hit the tick in the top right to say you're going. You can also enter via the Zwift Companion app.

If you haven't raced on Zwift before, it's very simple to get yourself on the start line. Be sure to pre-enter via or the companion app and log in to Zwift in plenty of time before the 6pm start (this is recommended in case there are any updates needed on your device). Then start pedalling in any of the worlds and wait for a prompt to join the event.

>> Everything you need to know to get started on Zwift

Once that appears on your screen simply click it to go through to the start line. Here you'll be placed on a conveyer belt, lined up with other riders. You can keep pedalling so you don't cool down and there is no risk of false starting. As riders ahead of your start, you'll gradually move forward. When you get to the front your avatar will speed up to 20km/h to give you a rolling start.

  1. Hydration. This begins in the morning, or the day before if you did a ride then. Keep a bottle or glass of water nearby and be constantly sipping on it through the day. You don't want to be suddenly realising your thirsty and downing a pint minutes before
  2. Ventilation. Depending on the room you're in and the temperature outside the degree of ventilation needed can differ quite drastically. If it's moderately warm you'll need windows open and a fan blowing on you. If it's hot you might even need cold towels to keep you cool. Temperature regulation can be hard when on a static trainer and can drastically affect your performance. If you're in a cold garage start with layers on and strip off as you warm up.
  3. Warm up. it's essential to get your muscles and cardiovascular system ready for the effort. Steady pedalling building up to your ftp before some easier spinning with some short, high cadence bursts to 'turn your muscles on' is ideal. The aim is to get your heart rate up to racing pace without tiring your legs. Keep resistance low.
  4. Forget aero. Zwift's algorithm doesn't know how aero you are, so ride in whatever position is most powerful for you. Unless of course you want a position that will transfer on to the road. In which case Zwifting is great training for getting the power out in a TT position.
  5. Easy off. Don't got blasting out of the start gates, you'll pay for it later. Build up to the effort you can sustain for 20-30 minutes (however long it's going to take you) at a nice steady pace, and try not to go too far in to the red at any stage. If you go too far over your ftp you'll likely pay for it later. You want to keep your power trace on a steady level all the way, and not let it drop off in the last five minutes.

We'll be running the results in the following week's magazine. As we'll be taking these from you'll first need to register on here. There are a few steps to follow to be registered on here, but this simple guide talks you through it. Be warned, registering on Zwift power makes all your ride data available for anyone to see, so if you'd rather keep your FTP between you and your power metre, this might not be for you.

Roll of honour

Week 56: Michael Hutchinson 24:05 / Clare Furness 32:28 (London 8)
Week 55: Shawn Gray 24:25 / Liviri Laverce 24:42 (London 8)
Week 54: Michael Hutchinson 25:02 / Claire Phillips 31:04 (London 8)
Week 53: Jason Roberts 21:18 / Kate Walsh 23:37 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 52: Alex Cunningham 21:49 / Claire Phillips 24:52 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 51: James Gelsthorpe 21:52 / Amy Robinson 25:22 (Innsbruckring)
Week 50: Michael Hutchinson 21:40 / Keri Parton 24:21 (Innsbruckring)
Week 49: Martin Osman 22:46 / Leah Brewer 22:51 (Tick Tock)
Week 48: Adam Bailey 21:30 / Claire Philips 25:02 (Tick Tock)
Week 47: Michael Hutchinson 24:20 / Lana or Winners 30:17 (Bologna TT)
Week 46: Jiri Belfin 26:29 / Hannah Munday 29:58 (Bologna TT)
Week 45: Michael Hutchinson 24:36 / Lorna Latimer 31:35 (Bologna TT)
Week 44: Michael Hutchinson 24:20 / Miriam Bullock 26:40 (London 8)
Week 43: Michael Hutchinson 24:21 / Emma Koppe 27:09 (London 8)
Week 42: Pete Younghusband 24:06 / Rachael Elliott 25:06 (London 8)
Week 41: Pete Younghusband 20:18 / Jen Lucas-Hill 23:36 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 40: Michael Hutchinson 20:13 / Helen Meigh 23:02 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 39: Michael Hutchinson 20:18 / Kate Walsh 23:17 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 38: Pete Younghusband 20:24 / Cassy Smith 22:29 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 37: Pete Younghusband 20:24 / Cassy Smith 22:30 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 36: Andy Nichols 20:34 / Becky Ridge 24:00 (Innsbruckring)
Week 35: Simon Myatt 20:56 / Cassy Smith 23:38 (Innsbruckring)
Week 34: No event due to incorrect route / format
Week 33: Simon Myatt 20:25 / Cassy Smith 22:51 (Tick Tock)
Week 32: Pete Younghusband 20:29 / Louise Robinson 22:35 (Tick Tock)
Week 31: Simon Myatt 23:30 / Becca Kingdom 27:13 (Bologna TT)
Week 30: Simon Myatt 23:34 / Cassy Smith 27:15 (Bologna TT)
Week 29: Calum Johnston 22:38 / Cassy Smith 26:37 (London 8)
Week 28: Simon Myatt 23:37 / Cassy Smith 26:13 (London 8)
Week 27: Paul Double 20:22 / Cassy Smith 22:17 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 26: Andrew Bye 20:34 / Becca Kingdom 22:19 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 25: Michael Hutchinson 21:17 / Claire Jessop 25:31 (Innsbruckring)
Week 24: Adam Bailey 21:31 / Naomi de Pennington 22:49 (Innsbruckring)
Week 23: Ed 'Cleatless' Ray 20:49 / Rachel Lieberman 21:46 (Innsbruckring)
Week 22: Charlie Beake 20:52 / Naomi de Pennington 21:55 (Tick Tock)
Week 21: Michael Hutchinson 20:47 / Naomi de Pennington 22:16 (Tick Tock)
Week 21: Michael Hutchinson 20:47 / Naomi de Pennington 22:16 (Tick Tock)
Week 19: Shawn Gray 24:32 / Naomi de Pennington 26:52 (Bologna TT)
Week 18: Matt Blue 23:45 / Naomi de Pennington 26:03 (London 8)
Week 17: Ali Robinson 23:37 / Naomi de Pennington 26:11 (London 8)
Week 16: Wieger van der Wier 24:06 / Rachael Elliott 24:16 (London 8)
Week 15: Will Lowden 19:53 / Amy Robinson 23:28 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 14: Pete Younghusband 20:57 / Jaime Clark 22:37 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 13: Jon Hughes 20:48 / Naomi de Pennington 22:20 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 12: Ali Robinson 20:28 / Naomi de Pennington 22:25 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 12: Ali Robinson 20:28 / Naomi de Pennington 22:25 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 10: Ed Ray 21:06 / Lizzy Zoom 25:42 (Innsbruck)
Week 9: Matt Blue 20:10 / Rachel Lieberman 21:40 (Tick Tock)
Week 8: Andy Nichols 20:04 / Kathy Alvarez 23:30 (Tick Tock)
Week 7: Gavin Lancaster 20:42 / Kathy Alvarez 23:57 (Tick Tock)
Week 6: Ed Laverack 22:43 / Naomi de Pennington 28:11 (Bologna)
Week 5: Gavin Lancaster 24:41 / Kathy Alvarez 30:51 (Bologna)
Week 4: Michael Hutchinson 24:18 / Kathy Alvarez 29:45 (London 8)
Week 3: Gavin Lancaster 24:00 / Kathy Alvarez 30:39 (London 8)
Week 2: Philip Graves 20:22 / Frances Owen 21:46 (Tempus Fugit)
Week 1: Andy Turner 20:03 / Caroline Whittaker 23:12 (Tempus Fugit)

Results taken from Check out Cycling Weekly magazine each Thursday to see the top 20 finishers from each event. You can subscribe to Cycling Weekly for an introductory discounted rate and get the magazine delivered to your door each week

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