Facebook brag leads to conviction for assault on cyclist

Michael Hill, 31, received a ten-month suspended sentence for the assault, having been identified by comments made about the incident on his Facebook page

Police tape (Getty)

A man has been handed a ten-month suspended sentence for an assault on a cyclist in Flint, north Wales, having been identified by the victim from boastful comments on his Facebook page.

Anthony Burrows, 47, was cycling on the pavement on Church Street in Flint town centre when a woman complained before her partner got involved and attacked him, reports News North Wales.

Michael Hill, 31, of King Edward Street in Shotton, punched Mr Burrows, who fell off his bike and hit his head on some railings. Hill then hit Mr Burrows four times while he was on the floor.

Judge Geraint Walters said, "When he was on the ground you delivered several other punches to him. There was no justification for that whatsoever.

“Decent, civilised 31-year-olds do not behave like that in public places.”

Mr Burrows required treatment for a head injury and suffered a black eye, as well as cuts and scratches.

Mold Crown Court heard that Mr Burrows learnt from a friend that Hill had bragged about the attack on Facebook. Mr Burrows recognised him and then reported the incident to the police.

Hill reportedly gave a no comment interview and later claimed he had acted in self-defence. He eventually admitted to an assault charge in court, having initially pleaded not guilty.

As Judge Walters made his sentencing remarks, Hill interrupted to say he had been attacked and had acted in self defence.

He responded: “You did ultimately plead guilty although you are doing your level best at the moment to remove that credit.”

Hill's ten-month sentence was suspended for two years and was also ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work and given a curfew between the hours of 8pm and 6am for three months.