What is your favourite bike maintenance tip that you’d like to pass on?

We asked for your favourite bike maintenance tips, and you answered...

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to tell us their favourite bike maintenance tip. Here are a selection of answers, brought to you in association with BTwin.

What is your favourite bike maintenance tip that you’d like to pass on? Add it in the comments section below.

Get the cheapest face wipes you can buy — they’re more sturdy than expensive ones — as they are awesome for sliding in between cassette rings to clean up. Quick, easy maintenance, and a degreaser too.

Will Matthews

Cleaning: drop the front wheel out and put your bike in the bath with the fork at the tap end. Douse with cleaner and use a shower head to rinse. Everything dries quickly at room temperature... #divorced.

Neil Batt

Don’t over-lubricate chains. It’s messy, wasteful, attracts more dirt and shortens the chain’s life. After every ride put one little drop on each link after cleaning, spin the chain a few times and wipe off the excess.

Bryan Tait

If it’s supposed to move but doesn’t — WD40. If it does move but it’s not supposed to — duct tape.

Dave Pargeter

Don’t ride it anywhere and keep it in your bedroom. It’ll last forever and you can gaze adoringly upon it when you wake.

Huw Price

Two toothbrushes from the pound shop taped together for a simple but effective chain cleaner; also use an old water bottle filled with degreaser.

Steven Dolman

If your indexing just won’t dial in — i.e. goes up the cassette nicely but won’t come back down — your cable is probably not releasing properly through the frame... a side effect of internal cable routing in some bikes. Try to find where it’s sticking, clean, lube, and if that fails, consider using some guide tubing, especially around the bottom bracket where the angle is greatest.

Jon Briggs

If you ever suffer from a blown-out tyre and can’t get home, I always carry an empty toothpaste/cleaned-out tube with me as an insert for such a time, to stop the inner tube from popping through. It’s enough to get you home.

Shaun Wylie

Look over your shoulder before turning/changing lane/on roundabouts, etc. That will help keep you and your bike in tip-top condition!

Andy Rawson

Take your seatpin out and grease it at least once a month, particularly through winter.

Andy Cole

Book it into your local bike shop... preferably one with a Turtle Bay or Nando’s opposite. Return a few hours later and she’ll be running perfectly!

Paul Oz

Blue threadlock is your best friend. Use it on almost everything you don’t want to come undone. It stops things shaking loose on those bumpy roads.

Julian Grubb