Jeremy Vine stopped by police for 'speeding' through Hyde Park on his bike

Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine is clocked at 16mph in Hyde Park's 5mph zone

Did you know there is a 5mph speed limit for cyclists in London’s Hyde Park? No? Neither did Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine who was apprehended by a policeman for riding at 16mph.

The Metropolitan Police officer caught Vine’s rapid velocity on a speed gun before pulling him over and showing him the reading.

Vine said that he did not realise there was a 5mph limit in place in the park before promptly apologised for his misdemeanour.

The presenter, who presents the lunchtime phone-in show on Radio 2, took to Twitter to announce his ‘telling off’, with a video showing the moment he was banged to rights.

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While the reaction on Twitter to the incident has been mostly jovial, Vine raised a good point in a conversation with the London Cycling Campaign, questioning whether a speed limit will force riders back onto the congested roads around the park.

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