Floyd Landis has admitted he will probably not race in 2007 even if he manages to avoid a ban following his positive test for testosterone during the 2006 Tour de France.

Speaking on American sports channel ESPN, Landis claimed the date of his disciplinary hearing was being constantly delayed because his lawyers were unable to obtain important evidence for his defence.

“I’ve pretty much written off this season,” Landis said, admitting he had ridden only 800 miles in the five months after the 2006 Tour de France.

Landis said no date for his disciplinary hearing with the US Anti-Doping Agency had been set but even a late May or early June date would be followed by an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, meaning he would not be able to race in 2007.

“Right now I want to believe that the right thing will happen and we’ll get a fair hearing, as long as it takes,” Landis said.

“I spend the same amount of time and energy trying to gain whatever resources are necessary and trying to learn what I need to learn, trying to solve this problem, as I spent trying to win the Tour. Every single day.”

Landis claimed USADA is unwilling to admit mistakes were made with his tests.

“It is a competition. It is to them and it has to be to me. If you’re looking for justice and trying to find out who’s cheating, and you find out you made a mistake, and you drop it, you’re not winning or losing, you’re seeking the truth.?

If Landis loses his case, he will be given a two-year ban and officially lose his Tour de France victory.