Liverpool's Pete Matthews to attack 'Hour'

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Peter Matthews, Liverpool Mercury RC former international and national amateur road race champion, is going for the "Hour" record in Liverpool on Saturday, October 3, raising money for baby's hospice, Zoe's Place.

His hour will be spent riding the 1.5-mile Aintree motor racing circuit, which hosts the Merseyside classic, the annual Eddie Soens Handicap.

For £1 you are invited to estimate how much distance Matthews will cover in 60 minutes. In miles and yards estimated to three decimal places!

Get it right, and you could win £100.

"I thought of riding backwards," said Matthews, "but kept falling off. I've decided to do it one-legged."

Problem with Matthews is you never know when he's pulling your leg!

Does that mean having one crank doctored to be used as footrest? "No, I'll  just alternate."

Time of start is 5.30pm. To read about the care offered sick children at Zoe's Place, and to make a donation, go to: