Rapha Nocturne and Cycling Weekly announce new partnership for 2017 race series

The Nocturne has expanded to Copenhagen for 2017

Rapha Nocturne

The Rapha Nocturne and Cycling Weekly have announced a new partnership for 2017, as both brands look forward to international expansion.

The Rapha Nocturne has expanded to Copenhagen for 2017 - the race taking place on August 19 - the first step on the road to the creation of a World Criterium Series, with Cycling Weekly on board to help deliver the exciting racing to an international audience.

“We are now in a number of different countries around the world, and most of our sales are international, so we really want to go to some of those key cities," said Rapha CEO Simon Mottram. "Starting with Copenhagen later this summer, but then going to places in Australia, the US, all over Europe, maybe even Japan."

The Nocturne has been running in London since 2006, initially taking run in Smithfield but now being held near St Pauls, this year taking place on June 10.

"With the launch of the Rapha Nocturne Series and creation of a new World Series of criterium racing we are pleased to confirm Cycling Weekly as an Official Media Partner," James Pope, CEO of FACE Partnership, organisers of Rapha Nocturne said.

"Cycling Weekly are very happy to be media partners of the Rapha Nocturne this year," said CW marketing manager Victory Alway.

"For Cycling Weekly, changing our web domain to a .com is a sign of our international intent, similarly, Nocturne's partnership with Rapha and the launch of the Rapha Nocturne Copenhagen event is just the start of the Nocturne's international expansion.

"We feel that our brand is the perfect fit to deliver exciting Rapha Nocturne content to a global audience."