Rider towed by dogs hit by herd of deer (video)

Agnieszka Rychwalska came a cropper while being towed by dogs in an off-road race

If you’ve got a pack of dogs that need exercising and a bike that needs riding this winter then ‘bikejoring’ could be your answer – but beware flying deer!

Polish cyclist Agnieszka Rychwalska was out bikejoring – which involves riding a bike pulled by dogs – when a herd of deer came flying across the road and knocked her off.

To her credit, Rychwalska merely lets out a bit of a yelp as the deer crossed her path, with a few profanities as well we imagine, before brushing herself off and getting on with the ride.

It sounds like a rare occurrence, but deer seem to be a reasonably common foe of the cyclist, with Rapha Condor JLT rider Kristian House suffered a broken collarbone last December after a run-in with one.

The break saw House miss the Rapha training trip to Australia, instead having to spend Christmas and New Year in wintry Blighty.

So next time you’re out on your bike, with your dogs out front, beware of surprise attacks from deer.

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