Rollapaluza takes roller racing to Brussels

Alex Dowsett Rollapaluza

Rollapaluza are taking "coals to Newcastle" on Saturday (18th), when they export their roller-racing show to the land of bike racing, Belgium, followed by Austria in November.

Condor Cycles are one of the prize sponsors. The unique roller-record shows have already been to Holland, France,  Germany and the Philippines.

Belgian elite BMX rider Arnaud Dubois and Dutch roller-race champion Joelle Rambach - who beat the men in her  national championship - will take on all-comers in Brussels on Saturday.

And Rollapaluza's own Caspar Hughes will be in action, too, one of only 15 competitors - from a massive 15,000 - to ever get under 20 seconds for a 500m sprint.

The organisers have invited many Belgian stars but now wait to see if any dare turn up to ride the special rig.

It can be a chastening experience even for top riders, when an  unknown local in Denim  steps up and thrashes out a winning time.

The Belgian event in Brussels on Saturday (18th) is from 5pm at Fixerati Concept Cyclery, a new Condor stockist.

Location is: 88 Rue du Page/1050 Brussels.

The Austrian event is at the Hotel Mohrenwirt, Fuschl Am See, on November 27, at Battlecranks, Fuchsl Am See.