See all of your Strava achievements on one handy map

Strava Labs has devised a map that shows you the location of all your KOMs...if you have any that is

If, like me, you don't hold any Strava KOMs this may not be very handy to you (sorry), but if you do you can now see them all plotted out on a map.

Strava Labs has devised a system by where you input your unique account number - the set of numbers at the end of your profile page URL - and it'll show you everywhere in the world where you've dominated a segment.

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As I say, my map is pretty bare so I had to search high and wide among my Cycling Weekly colleagues to find someone who is a good enough cyclist owns a few KOMs to show this properly.

Tech writer Oliver Bridgewood has a nice round 100 KOMs to his name in an impressive five countries (six if you believe Yorkshire is its own country) and therefore his map looks pretty good.

(Picture: Strava)

(Picture: Strava)

Zoom in and you can pick out individual segments and see the time that everyone else is trying to beat.

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If your map is a bit bare then take a look at one of the many professionals on Strava, who generally own quite a few records.

Thibaut Pinot (Strava number 1603067) has 882 of the things on four continents.

(Picture: Strava)

(Picture: Strava)

So, in the words of Art Attack's Neil Buchanan, try it yourself.

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