Shocking video of car passenger pushing woman off bike circulates on social media

The footage shows a car driving close to the woman as a passenger leans out and shoves her

Another video has emerged of a cyclist deliberately being pushed off their bike by a car passenger
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Another shocking video of deliberate, dangerous behaviour towards a cyclist has emerged on social media.

The latest shocking example involves a car passenger leaning out of the window of the moving vehicle to push a woman off her bike in a country lane.

Footage of the incident was taken by someone in the car and has been posted on Twitter and YouTube.

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Details of the incident are scant, but the perpetrators face is visible for a brief moment in the footage.

The video shows the car travelling along a country road, before the driver pulls slightly out and slows as the vehicle approaches the woman.

A hooded passenger then leans out of the back window and pushes the woman, who can be heard shouting as she falls into a hedge.

The video was shared by Irish cycling website Sticky Bottle on Twitter.

Last spring, journalist and cyclist Jeremy Vine shared an old video of another passenger leaning out of a car to push a cycling into a ditch, laughing with the driver while he did it.

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The video was then picked up by a number of news outlets, causing a wave of reaction.

Then in December, a 53-year-old farmer was convicted of pushing two cyclists off their bikes in Northern Ireland.

Grant Shaw Stephen McKee was walking along a pavement near Belfast when the incident happened on February 3.

He was seen waving at the two cyclists, before pushing them into each other and causing them to fall, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

The riders, Terry Nicoletti and Noel Boyce, are members of the North Down Cycling Club and were riding a weekend event organised by the group.

Both riders’ clothes were damaged, along with Mr Boyce’s bike causing around £250 worth of damage.

One of the men also suffered grazing.