Simon Geschke seeks reassurance from team that he won't get 'banned' for having a beard

Light-hearted exchange between Simon Geschke and Team Sunweb comes after a Belgian team director said that he would ban his riders from sporting an 'unhygienic' beard

Simon Geschke of Team Sunweb.
(Image credit: Yuzuru Sunada)

Pro rider Simon Geschke sought some reassurance from Team Sunweb via social media that he isn't about to be banned from competing due to his beard.

The German rider's mock concern over his facial hair stems from a recent article in newspaper Het Nieuwsblad written by Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise team sports director and former pro Walter Planckaert.

Planckaert stated that he was banning his riders from growing beards as they were unhygienic and did not support the "elegance of cycling".

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"The snot and the leftover food in the beard of a rider in the middle of the race is dirty," said Planckaert.

Replying to Cycling Weekly's article on Planckaert's beard ban, Geschke wrote on Twitter: "Seriously? I hope @TeamSunweb doesn't think that's a good idea"

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The 31-year-old 2015 Tour de France stage winner, who has sported a full and well-kept beard for years, needn't have worried.

Team Sunweb swiftly replied, saying "No worries, @simongeschke. #beardsallowed".

Planckaert's article has caused an unexpected debate among both pro cyclists and race fans as to the merits of having a beard.