The findings of the Government-commissioned Foresight report on obesity were welcomed today by CTC, the national cyclists? organisation. The report made clear that physical activity was fundamental to halting rising obesity, and pointed to a need to radically shift the design of town centres in favour of walking and cycling.

Two generations of planners have designed the UK?s towns and cities around motorised transport, encouraging people into sedentary, car-dependent lifestyles. The report highlighted how encouraging people onto their bikes was an essential part of any strategy to tackle obesity ? and that such measures would also help meet our climate change targets.

CTC campaigns and policy manager Roger Geffen said ?The Foresight report has added its weight to the bloated library of evidence of the role of cycling in tackling the twin crises of climate change and obesity. It is no longer enough for the Department for Health to tell us all to munch apples while other Departments force us into sedentary, car-dominated lifestyles.?

?With the Department for Health and Department for Transport working out their spending plans for the next three years, it?s the perfect time to see a radical increase in funding for cycling.?


CTC: www.ctc.org.uk.