‘Stolen’ – how one of of Boris’s London Barclays Hire Bikes ended up in Newcastle!

Expense is no object to Tarek Nsier who faces at least £250 in bike hire charges* for riding one of Boris’s Barclays London Hire Bikes the 450 miles from Newcastle back to the capital!

However, this is a charity ride aiming to raise £20,000 for the Breast Cancer Campaign and Nsier is hoping Boris will be generous and waive charges. As it stands, he’s racking up quite a bill, and if the bike is not returned after 24 hours, he’s likely for a £300 charge on top!

In fact, this is was a corporate stunt to “steal” the bike, mounted by Nsier’s company, CEO of TH_NK, an award-winning digital agency specialising in web and creative design, with offices in London and Newcastle.

“Tarek picked up the bike from a docking station yesterday and took it on the train to Newcastle,” a press spokesman said.

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“The bike got some strange looks, but no one said anything.”

Nsier and 13 companions set off from Newcastle early this morning, aiming to get the bike back to a docking station by next Tuesday night.

Nsier said, “When our MD, Lynne Davidson, suggested this we thought it was a great idea and signed up. We’re keeping going due to a mix of competitiveness and the knowledge it’s all for a good cause.” 

* Barclays Bike Hire is free for the first 30 minutes, £1 for an hour, £4 for 90 minutes, £6 for two hours, £10 for two and half, £15 for three, £35 for six, £50 for 24 hours, maximum.

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