Swedish cyclist has ten-minute stand-off with lorry driver in right of way dispute (video)

In a dispute as to who had the right of way a Swedish cyclist blocks the road for ten minutes in front of an 80ft lorry

If you've ever ridden your bike on the road, it's likely you've had a disagreement with a driver and maybe even exchanged a few angry words.

A chap in Sweden took this a bit further, though, engaging in a ten-minute stand-off with the driver of an articulated lorry, claiming he was the one with the right of way.

The rider stood over his bike a couple of metres from the lorry's bonnet, gesticulating his point to the driver and those around.

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According to the Daily Mail, the incident took place in Vättersnäs are of Jönköping, a small town in the south of Sweden on a single-file road. Despite the protestations from the driver, the cyclist refuses to budge and use the pavement at the side of the road to pass the 80ft lorry.

Reports in Swedish media claim that 30 to 40 vehicles were caught up behind the lorry during the stand-off, which police say could land the cyclist a fine.

"It is possible that the lorry driver was in the wrong, but it is not the cyclist who is the prosecutor in the matter, it's the police," local traffic police Rolf Högberg told Dagens Nyheter.

"You don't just reverse an 80ft lorry. I suppose it was a matter of principle for the cyclist. Considering that he stopped traffic for quite some time, he may end up with a fine."

It doesn't show it in the video, but the incident reportedly ended with a person grabbing the bike and throwing it onto the pavement.