The things we all love about cycling

There are many reasons why cycling has an enduring appeal... and it's not just the excuse to eat cake

A love of cycling can be a personal thing. Some love it for the freedom, some for the personal challenge, and others for the opportunity to make new friends.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they most loved about cycling, and we present a selection of the answers here, in association with B'Twin.

What do you most love about cycling? Tell us in the comment box below.

For me, it’s timeless freedom. When I am gliding along I am out in the world and in a state of mind I can’t get to in other ways.

Mark Middleton

The striving. Always challenging yourself. Getting stronger. Enjoying pulling the group and being strong. Finding the perfect mix on a flat of cadences and power for long delivered outputs. I love riding my bike!

Scott Landreth

Exploring. Taking new and different roads and getting to see different aspects of a place. It’s also a great way to sightsee!

Leanne Coulthard

What I love about cycling is its ability to cleanse my head of everything going on in life, good or bad. When I’m in the saddle, it’s all about the ride.

Phil Nunez

A sense of sporting achievement, which is only really limited by yourself. I’m riding 220 miles at the weekend, over two days — something I would never even have thought was possible a few years ago.

Diado Ramirez

Jelly babies.

Allison Budge

Bike building, especially if you build the wheels. The sense of adrenaline and achievement in racing is heightened when you’ve bolted it all together yourself.

Neil Bah

Cycling is meditation on two wheels, taking in everything around you, without the distractions of 21st century life.

Brock Strongo

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The freedom, the fun, the friendships and obviously the cake.

Ron Cunningham

Mastering the art of shaving your legs without cutting yourself. It took me four years.

Dave Pargeter

I love the wind in my face. It just feels different on a bike, when you are the one making it.

Josh Strub

The freedom, the scenery, the company... the cake

Going out and specifically targeting mates’ KOMs on Strava!

Mac McDade

Going down hills, obviously...

Steve Giles

The escapism. You get just the right amount of time to think about stuff going on in your life...

Dan Chippendale

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Being able to trough cake with total impunity.

Martin Woollatt

That I can ride on the same roads the pros do.

Paul Mathias

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