Tweets of the week: Chicken on a time trial bike, Pidcock’s wheelie skills and Evenepoel meets the Monopoly Man

Some more of the weird and wonderful (mostly weird) tweets from the cycling world

We’re back with more of our favourite tweets from the last week in the cycling world.

This week’s edition of the prestigious list features some of the weirder inclusions in 2020, including Mihkel Räim visiting a graveyard, Anna van der Breggen Avenue and Phil Gaimon talking to animals.

Here are just a few of the best tweets from cycling social media in the last week:

1. This tweet could do with some more context

2. Anna van der Breggen has a street named after her

3. Pidcock has got the skills

4. Racing in 2020 = only being cheered on by your team-mates

5. Prove it didn’t happen

6. Dan Bigham has ideas on how to keep the Tour of Britain interesting

7. What size frame does this chicken ride?

8. Stybar dismounting like he’s late for his train

9. Gaimon can’t be the only person to have a chat with the animals on a solo ride?

10. Cycling things that just make sense (…kind of)

We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets of the week.