Tweets of the Week: Mark Cavendish’s birthday, Mo Salah on a bike and Jolanda Neff changes the game

Here some of the best moments from cycling social media this week

Cycling social media has given us some very special moments this year, as it’s been one of the main ways we’ve been able to stay in contact with the pros.

This week we have some more delightful additions to the catalogue of weird and wonderful moments from cycling Twitter, including Mark Cavendish’s birthday cake, Katie Archibald doing a rare sprint, and Eros Capecchi taking his dog for a spin.

Check out some of the best from Twitter and Instagram this week:

1. Cavendish had a pretty special birthday cake to celebrate with his son

2. We could be in for some manic racing later this year

3. Jolanda Neff has invented her own sport

4. You learn something new every day – Froome can play the trumpet

5. Well, that’s a relief for the rest of us

6. Wow, Rohan Dennis has got some leg speed

7.  Could we have a new Tour contender for later this year?

9. When trackies hit the road

10. Multitasking from Capecchi

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Oggi in salita tira lui!!😁 @stibythewolf

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We’ll be back next week with more from cycling social media.