Tweets of the week: Battle of the cycling bands special

This week's edition has more rock than a gravel race

Back in January, Astana unleash unto the world their very own rap music video. It was…something.

In the months that followed, with the Classics and Grand Tours to keep us occupied, the Kazakh team’s musical talents were forgotten as Jakob Fuglsang, Miguel Ángel López and co. turned to their main passion of riding bikes uphill very fast.

However, with another cycling season in the bag, the boys in blue found the time to get back in the studio and cook up some more hashtag absolute fire. And what’s more, they’ve found some willing accomplices in Edward Theuns and his Trek-Segafredo team. How long until we have Froomey dialling into Twitter with a piano concerto or Peter Sagan delighting the post-race press pack with a tinkle of his glockenspiel?

While the two musical tweets are very much the HC climbs of this edition of tweets of the week, there is the usual smattering of other social media goodness to sink your teeth into. Here we go.

1. As well as the new bike that was recently unveiled, this latest innovation will be sure to help the British squad at Tokyo 2020.

2. The continent’s obsession with Speedos is for sure the greatest European mystery of all.

3. If the peloton was filled with George Bennetts there would be little need for cycling journalists.

4. Give it a couple of years but I think this is a look that could really catch on.

5. Ah, a musical interlude from Trek-Segafredo’s Edward Theuns, how refreshing. Wait…they’re on a stage…what’s this a rehearsal for…

6. As we feared, the rap-rock/cycling crossover rears its ugly head once more with a battle of the bands between Astana and Trek-Segafredo! A full video can be found here.

7. Thought the Isle of Man would probably be a bit different to the rest of the UK but this is something else.

8. Just another normal day in the world of cycling.

9. I NEED to know the full story behind this video.

10. Just something else Elia Viviani can probably win.

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.