Eight types of cyclists you see on every winter ride

It's a tough time of year, but these eight types of winter cyclists are always out on the roads

Image: Andrew McCandlish

(Image credit: Andrew McCandlish)

Winter riding is a tough gig – it’s cold, wet and to do any proper training you have to ride for hours, which is rubbish.

But, cast your eyes around on your next cold ride and you’ll see a dozen varying types of winter riders – whether they’re brave winter warriors or hardy fools, the variety is massive, and some times a little eye-watering.

Here are eight that we can guarantee you know.

The super commuter, out in all weathers

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Come rain or shine, you can guarantee you’ll see them on your morning commute. Problem is, they’re out there grinding away when you’re having an off day and sat on the bus.

The bike is prepped perfectly, an old hack made glorious once more, with one purpose – survive the winter weather. It’s decked out with a rack and panniers, because the super commuter should never wear a backpack. It’s probably a singlespeed, because gears are too easy (and messy).

It’s a similar story with the rider. A svelte figure, wrapped head to toe in the correct gear (probably Castelli), they’re not scared of a bit of bad weather, in fact they relish it. Money on them being smug in the office, too.

The no winter gear-er


From one end of the spectrum to the other, this monster doesn’t feel the cold – or at least pretends not to.

They boldly go out with bare skin showing, chapped legs and arms glowing pink in the cold morning air. Despite the fact it’s hovering just above zero they still seem to have their jersey zip undone.

Ultimately, it’s not their fault, they probably play rugby.

The no winter bike-er

A bike’s a bike, right? So why would you ever get a cheaper one, or retire your pride and joy? They’ve spent a lot of money on their Pinarello F10, Cervélo R5, Trek Émonda or the like, so they’re going to maximise their time on it, even if it means destroying that Shimano Di2 groupset.

The excuse for a new bike-er

It’s been the topic of conversation on rides since August, and finally the perfect excuse for spending their hard earned has come around again. They can’t wait to buy a steel frame and dress it with Shimano 105, until they put it on the scales that is.

The never to be seen-er (because they’re on the turbo)

(Image credit: Cycling Studio)

It’s hard to say much about this type, because no one has seen them since September. They retire to their sheds, garages or cupboards equipped with fans, towels and Netflix.

To be honest, it’s almost more impressive cranking out two hours in garage rather than riding with mates in the real world.

Accompanying their almost non-existence is a deterioration in conversation – other than their favourite intervals are or what their favourite Zwift map is.

 The Whatsapp group-er

(Image credit: chris catchpole)

The digital dominator, anytime someone mentions a ride they own the replies without ever agreeing to attend.

They give route advice, kit advice, what your next bike should be advice but you’ve only ridden with them once this year. Maybe next weekend but they’ll probably being seeing their nan again.

The overdresser

(Image credit: chris catchpole)

This is almost as painful to watch as the no gear-er, the poor soul wrapped and double wrapped in thermal gear when it’s a mild autumn day.

Red faced and clearly uncomfortable, life isn’t easy as a boiled chicken.

The Cafe stopper

There’s always that one riding pal that doesn’t see, like all the best things in life, cafes should only be used in moderation.

One stop is, of course, essential. Two may be permitted on a really long day but anymore and the inevitable cafe legs pain starts outweighing the benefits of that flat white and flapjack.

This article was updated from the original on October 19, 2017

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