The UCI wants to know what would make road cycling more exciting for you

The governing body has published a survey with the aim of growing mass appeal of the sport

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has launched a consultation with the goal of increasing the appeal of road racing.

To help the international governing body understand what could improve the sport, it’s seeking the option of the experts: cycling fans.

The organisation has launched an online survey, asking the general public what they enjoy about road cycling, and what could help them enjoy it more.

The multiple choice questionnaire opened on Wednesday, July 10 – those willing to give their opinion will need to do so by Tuesday, July 16.

Available in eight language (French, English, Spanish, Arab, Russian, Portuguese, German and Italian), the survey explores hot topics such as the use of power metres in competition, team sizes and budgets, and broadcasting options.

There’s a focus on the effect of dominant teams on appeal, with participants asked to rate their level of agreement with statements like ‘having the best riders hired by a limited number of teams has an impact on the quality of the show’.

Strategies such as banning power meters and capping team sizes or budgets have been discussed in the past, with the aim of thwarting more dominant teams.

Other questions focus on the appeal, if any, of long races and sprint finishes, as well as the attributes which make for a popular rider.

The survey also looks at preferences for highlights packages over live broadcasts, and the interest in data overlays with rider heart rate power and vital statistics, as well as on-board footage. 

Questions also hone on specific areas of racing, such as if riders should be paced on after nature breaks, and the effectiveness of the 3-kilometre rule.

The survey forms part of a wide ranging consultation, that will also involve speaking to stakeholders, working groups, team representatives, riders and media and broadcasters.

The questions come not long after the UCI was criticised for its ramped up concern for ousting non-regulation long socks. 

Following the collection of results, the UCI plans to draw up a series of propositions, with a view for approval by the Professional Cycling Council and the UCI Management Committee in 2020.

UCI President David Lappartient said: “Developing the appeal of road cycling in a world that is changing is one of the central aims of the UCI’s Agenda 2022. To do this, it is essential to have the opinion not only of cycling’s different stakeholders, but also the wider public, both committed fans and casual spectators.

“The survey that we are launching today offers everyone the chance to give their opinion and is part of a wider consultation process that will enable the UCI to take steps to modernise road cycling that will meet the expectations of as many people as possible.

“My thanks go to all those who take a few minutes of their time to contribute to the evolution of our sport.”

All those who complete the survey will go into a draw to win three nights for two people at the 2019 UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire, including access to the VIP hospitality lounge and a signed rainbow jersey.