Van hits cyclist at roundabout and tabloid newspaper asks who's in the wrong

Dashcam footage captured the moment a van failed to notice a cyclist circumnavigating a roundabout

Shocking footage of a van hitting a cyclist on a roundabout was captured by dashcam footage, with insult being added to injury after the Daily Mail newpspaper questioned which party was at fault.

In the video, filmed by a vehicle to the left of the van in question, the cyclist can be seen in the right-hand side of the screen circumnavigating the Stoneferry Road roundabout in Hull.

As the vehicle filming comes to a stop to give way to his right, a black van in the lane next to him ploughs through, luckily only clipping the back wheel of the cyclist before braking to a halt, the collision could have been much worse.

The van's number plate comes flying off as the cyclist hits the deck, getting back to his feet and picking up his bike. The driver of the van then walks over, holding his hand up in apology, helping the cyclist gingerly make his way off the road, picking up his number plate along the way.

The video was picked up by the Daily Mail, who rather succinctly headlined their piece: "Moment cyclist is left sprawled on the floor after crashing with a van as he tried to take the exit at a roundabout... but who is in the wrong?"

Luckily, the Highway Code makes it pretty clear that the van should have given way to the cyclist who was already on the roundabout coming from his right but, if they'd somehow missed that information, hundreds of people were on hand in the comments section to give them a quick refresher course.

An article on the Mail Online

The UK Government have recently said they will provide £2bn to create pop-up bike lanes, wider pavements, safer junctions, and cycle and bus-only corridors within weeks as part of new funding to support safe transport during the coronavirus pandemic.

The public are being encouraged to complete journeys by walking or cycling where possible, as  public transport capacity is set to be severely limited as people adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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