RIDERS are being asked to sign an Eastway Users Group (EUG) petition calling on the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone to intervene in the controversy over the disappointing plans for the Olympic Velopark.

The mayor is to be asked press the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to reconsider their plans, which will see a road circuit and off-road facility of little merit, squeezed beside a velodrome and BMX track.

They want the ODA to consult directly with them, the users, and to honour the Legacy Strategy, which promised a 34-hectare park, not the 10-hectare site offered.

The popular Eastway road and off-road circuit was demolished to make way for the Games on the understanding it would be rebuilt afterwards. ?The Olympic legacy plans now bring NO mountain bike competition facilities and one of the worst road circuits anywhere,? says Michael Humphreys, chair of EUG.

EUG members are left with no replacement facility, since the relocation site at Hog Hill will not be ready until autumn and an interim circuit has yet to be found. Signed petition forms need to be returned to Humphreys to arrive not later than April 10.

To download the a copy of the petition, go to: