It’s been pretty busy on this site over the last few weeks, so we haven’t had the luxury of trawling the never ending delights of YouTube. But the boss is out of the office today, so we’ve been wasting our time, sorry, doing research, on the internet.

And we’ve found an absolute belter for you; the 1989 world championships in Chambery. This was one of the toughest courses ever used for a world championship road race, and the pouring rain made it even tougher.

At the race finale, a small group was away, the contents of which read like a who’s who of cycling from that period. Laurent Fignon, Dimitri Konyshev, Sean Kelly, Greg LeMond, Steven Rooks and Thierry Claveyrolat were all there.

Find a ten minute slot in your day, sit back, and enjoy an epoch where men were men, carbon fibre was something used by NASA and head protection meant gelling your hair down.