What is the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen someone do on a bike?

A selection of the most incredible and impressive things achieved by someone on two wheels, as voted by CW readers

Most cyclists have witnessed some incredible things done on a bike at some point or another. That feat may have been done through skill or just plain luck, but either way it stayed in the memory.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what the most impressive thing they've ever seen anyone do on a bike, and we present a selection of the answers here, in association with B'Twin.

Have you ever seen anything truly incredible done on a bike? Let us know in the comment section below.

When Chris Boardman caught me for eight minutes in a 25, when I was on for a personal best. My front tub was so disappointed it decided to rapidly deflate shortly after. I was denied a double about a decade later when Graeme Obree fell off in the National 10 just before catching me. Gutted.

Paul Oz

Going down a hill at speed on a club run when a black Labrador ran out in front of us. The lad on the front bunny-hopped it. There would have been a high-speed pile-up if he hadn’t.

Duncan Pringle

Most impressive thing I’ve seen is Tour de France stage four where Peter Sagan was able to stay upright and hold his line in the final sprint, all while Mark Cavendish leaned on him and tried to squeak through a gap that didn’t exist. Great bike-handling skills.

Derek Huddle

I broke my hip riding on black ice having told my wife to leave the car on the drive as it was too dangerous to go out. I’m sure she said I was impressive as I came round from the operation!

Terry Richards

Anyone that stops and falls off gracefully whilst still clipped in is the most impressive bit of cycling.

Dan Creevy

Bradley Wiggins throwing a bike and it rolling upright and perfectly stopping against a wall [pictured above].

Charlie Dawson

Someone hit me in the back of the head with a water bottle during a sprint. It wasn’t aimed at me. Impressive, though.

Mat Cook

Brother-in-law face-planted at 2mph and dislocated his little finger and also fractured it in three places. Impressive, as he was only hopping up a kerb at the time.

Karl Cosnett

Being overtaken by a kid who must only have been nine or 10 on Mont Ventoux! Luckily I was riding alone so nobody was there to witness my humiliation.

Andy Young

Probably frowned upon by some, but seeing a bloke one morning cycling along rolling a massive doobie. By the time he passed he had it rolled and lit, and was enjoying it.

Dave Black

I once saw a small child pick up three Smart cars and start juggling them while I cycled past. That is what you meant by your question, right?

Michael McEwan

A club-mate doing a track stand, no hands on the bars, while we changed an inner tube.

Steve North

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