What is your favourite line from a TV cycling commentator?

Nothing enhances a bike race quite like some top quality quips from the commentators. We ask our readers which was their favourite line. In association with Decathlon

Often the source of much entertainment in cycling TV coverage, the commentator has a tough job.

With hours of coverage to fill on races which can sometimes be far from action packed the commentator occasionally comes out with a classic line.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers for their favourite line from a TV cycling commentator, and got some great answers. A selection of them are below, presented in association with Decathlon.

What is your favourite line from a TV cycling commentator? Tell us in the comments below

On seeing Vladimir Karpets being dropped, the late, great David Duffield commented: “Well, it’s curtains for Karpets.”

Tony Coughlan

Paul Sherwen: “And Bo Hamburger is, dare I say it, fried!”

Kenny Morgan

Paolo Bettini commentates for TV in the 2009 Milan San Remo on the Passo Turchino (Watson)

Sean Kelly before a Tour de France time trial, on being asked what the day's strategy entails: “Er, basically to ride as fast as possible from A to B.”

Simon Owens

David Duffield reading a poem from a funeral while it was all kicking off on the Ventoux. The timing was so terrible!

Daniel Jones

“Because who’s that coming up behind him… it looks like Roche… it is, it’s Stephen Roche!” First Tour de France I ever watched and I was hooked. Still get goosebumps thinking about him appearing out of the mist. Don’t want to get all sentimental for the good old days but it was made all the more exciting because nobody had absolutely any idea he was there — something that wouldn’t happen now with rider radios and cameras everywhere.

Richard Foad

Carlton Kirby and Matt Stephens, last year on the Tour de Yorkshire when the riders were going past a field of llamas. Kirby suggests that if they get out it will be a “Llama Drama Ding Dong”.

Andy Wardle

“They’re like cattle in a mad way, but cattle on bikes.” [An Alan Partridge classic — Ed]

Richard Williams

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“They’ll probably rename Governor Street after him, I wouldn’t be surprised” — Carlton Kirby and Matt Stephens, on Peter Sagan’s World Championship win in 2015.

Jan Stríteský

Paul Sherwen: “He’s going to have to dig deep into his suitcase of courage.”

Graham Wright

I also remember something from Sherwen like: “He’s in the suitcase of pain, looking for new underpants.” Hugh Porter: “Jess Varnish has just polished them all off.”

Mike Salkeld

Carlton Kirby often refers to the Raleigh team colours as “lipstick and custard”.

Dave Pargeter

Carlton Kirby talking about Bauke Mollema: “He sounds like he was named under water.”

Steve Burton

“It’s going to be Scotland’s day” — Tour de France, 1984. Robert Millar owning the Pyrenees.

David Crombie

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