Which pro doesn’t want people to know he’s been riding with Lance Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong hits the roads of Aspen, Colorado, on his bike with a friend and a pro, but he doesn't want to name him in case his teammates don't like it

Aspen, Colorado, is a bit of a haven for American cyclists, what with its mountainous surroundings and its laid back way of life and one of its more notorious residents, Lance Armstrong, is regularly found out on the roads.

Sometimes the Texan native is joined on his rides by professional riders – most notably Tejay van Garderen, who accepted Armstrong’s offer of motorpacing him in November when the BMC rider’s regular pacer was out of town.

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But not all of them seem to want people to know that they’re out with Armstrong, who has become public enemy number one since admitting he used performance enhancing drugs to win all seven of his Tour de France titles.

Armstrong was joined on a 65 mile pootle by his buddy Teddy Shriver on Monday (August 10) and an unnamed pro, who Armstrong refused to name because it would ‘draw the ire of his teammates’ for riding with him.

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Chances are it’s not van Garderen again, who said he had no issues with working with Armstrong as they both live in Aspen, even though their motorpacing session was a one-off.

“I’ve not really done any motorpacing with Lance since [November],” he told reporters ahead of the Tour de France. “Not because of any worries about what people might think, but he has kids who go to school in Texas, so most of the year he’s in Austin.

“We happen to run into each other every now and again if we’re both in Aspen, but it’s rare.”