Get out and log your longest ride: Your CW5000 June challenges

Two big challenges to make the most of the best month of the year (for cyclists at least)

CW5000 June challenges
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No matter how long your longest ride is so far this year we now want you to go out and beat it. With long daylight hours and, hopefully, some great weather, there is no better month than June for getting in the big miles. 

But that's not all. We also want you to complete lots of rides throughout June for challenge number two. For this challenge there is no lower time or distance limit for a ride to be classified as a ride, so popping to your local shops counts. 

Be sure to tell us about your longest ride. Where did you go, and why? And how much further than your previous longest ride was it? 

>>>>Invite a friend to join the CW5000 and inspire their riding this summer

We'll be looking for the person who does the longest (outdoor) ride, and the person who logs their longest ever ride for the CW5000 June update later in the month, so be sure to tell us about your riding. You can post on the CW5000 Facebook group or email us at  

1. Log your longest ride of the year

A simple challenge in theory, but if you've already done a huge ride in 2022 this could be a tough one to tick off. Last year we set you the challenge of completing a 130 mile ride to celebrate CW's 130th anniversary, but this time, using your riding so far as a benchmark, it's more about beating your own stats than hitting a set number.

Usually when we say 'longest ride' we mean in distance, but longest can also mean time in the saddle, so we'll allow you to use whichever metric you prefer. Whichever one you use, we'd love to hear about it. And of course the good thing is you still have the rest of the year to go and beat it again!

2. Do 20 rides through the month

You don't have to do big miles to complete challenge number two as there is no lower time or distance limit on what classifies as a logged ride. The aim of this challenge is to encourage you to ride more, but if some of those rides are to work, the shops, or even a beer garden on a hazy summers evening, then it's all good. After all, any journey is more enjoyable on two wheels.

Splitting a ride before and after a café stop is frowned upon, but riding to and from work is definitely two rides. Who can log the most rides throughout June? We hope to find out. 

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