Pregnancy shouldn't end careers - and the 'Mothers of Uno-X' are leading the way

These three pro mums have a unique support circle, and, they're collecting data which could be instrumental for the athlete mothers of the future

Uno x mums
L-R: Lowden, Barker, Norman Leth
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It is an inconvenient fact for female athletes that the years of peak physical performance just so happen to coincide with the years of peak fertility. Whilst the development of women's sport appears to be slow, it's not as slow as evolution. For decades, the choice for female cyclists keen to become parents seemed clear: choose your career, or a family. 

Things are changing. And with three riders at varying stages of the pregnancy and postpartum journey among its roster - two of them involved in collecting data throughout - WorldTour team Uno-X is playing a major role in progression. 

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