11 ways to that new 'bike day' feeling

Refreshing just a few components can breathe new life back into a faithful bike

(Daniel Gould)

There’s something intoxicating about that first ride on a brand-new bike. Spotless components all fresh and working as they should – it’s bliss on two wheels.

But making a fresh purchase every spring makes neither financial nor environmental sense – and that’s if you could even get hold of the one you wanted right now.

Fortunately, by replacing a few of those consumable components, you can get most of the way back to that feeling of shiny newness. Even better, many of these – such as bar tape, fresh cables and brake pads – are really quite cheap and would leave you questioning why you didn’t replace them sooner.

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11 ways to that new 'bike day' feeling

First off, perhaps the most obvious avenue to a fresh feeling bike is giving your current one a good clean.
But beyond that, a clean bike is a lot easier to work on – and so it’s a great place to start before getting onto any of the other refreshes.
This kit from Muc Off has all the brushes and detergents you need and makes getting your bike sparkling a far easier task.
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One of the biggest determinates of how your bike feels to ride – and how smart it looks – is the handlebar tape.
Ripped sides and ingrained sweat are the fate of any bar tape that’s left on too long.
Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to replace – and even better, Deda’s well respected tape is available in a huge range of colours to match any stylings.
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There are few things more frustrating than gears which don’t work properly; never shifting when you want them to but then taking matters into their own hands and switching gears when you least expect it.
A fresh set of cables is all you need to eliminate the issues of some sticky housing and bring back the ease and accuracy of your shifting.
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Not only is a worn chain less efficient and a drag on your ride, it also has the effect of prematurely wearing your cassette and crankset – components which are much more expensive to replace.
If your chain is feeling pretty sloppy on your chainring, that indicates it’s time for a new chain – and quickly before it does any damage.
If your hydraulic disc brakes are starting to feel a little spongy, with the lever coming pretty close to the bar, it’s probably time to replace the hydraulic fluid.
Although bleeding brakes might sound intimidating, it’s actually easier than replacing cables on some internal routed frames. We’ve got a video guide (opens in new tab) that will take you through all of the steps.
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Although thanks to their rubber construction, shifter hoods do tend to last a little longer than bar tape, if you’ve had your bike a while it’s likely these will be starting to look and feel a little ropey. Especially if you like to ride gloveless and sweat a lot, or use suncream.
A replacement doesn’t cost much and will leave you feeling much more comfortable on your bike – especially if your current ones have started to slip about when you stand out of the saddle.
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Whether your brake pads are merely worn or if they have gotten contaminated with oil, either way, if they haven’t been replaced for some time you’ve probably been missing out on a substantial amount of braking power.