Best Garmin deals: Save big on cycling computers and power meters

We've trawled the sales to bring you the best deals on Garmin devices

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We've waded through the sea of Garmin deals to handpick the very best offers on sports watched, and Edge cycling computers so you don't have to.

In this page, which we're routinely updating, you'll find great discounts and deals on everything from the smallest devices right the way through to the brand's flagship cycling computers. We'll even included a couple of the best sports watch deals when they crop up, too.

These deals are handpicked by CW's Tech Team, which have unrivalled expertise and have tested almost every Garmin under the sun. We know what's good, and we know what represents a great deal.

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  • Best Garmin bike deals UK
  • Best Garmin bike deals US

Best Garmin deals UK

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus £599 £529.99
The 1030 Plus is Garmin's flagship cycling computer, with an easy setup process, turn-by-turn navigation and much more. This bundle deal comes with a heart rate monitor, a cadence sensor as well as a speed one, too.



Garmin Edge 130 £149 £134
We've awarded the Edge 130 our Editor's Choice award before now for being an almost faultless device. Compact but jammed full of great features.



Garmin Edge 520 Plus at ProBikeKit | £259.99 £174.99 
Although the screen is smaller than the flagship Edge 1030, the Garmin 520 packs a punch with its functionality. To highlight just a few of the many, many features this head unit provides, it comes with: preloaded maps with turn by turn directions, Strava live segments so you can see the competition, as well as Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity for all the peripherals you could wish.
Garmin Vector 3 Double Sided Power Meter Pedals at ProBikeKit | £849.99 £629.99 
These are Garmin’s latest and greatest power meter pedals, which have been made significantly more user friendly than the previous iterations. It really is as simple as swapping out your pedals and pairing them with your head unit.
The dual sided readings will measure the power of your leg to an accuracy of ±1 per cent, helping you quickly spot any imbalances you might be harbouring.
Garmin Vector 3S Single Side Power Meter Pedals at ProBikeKit | £499.00 £389 
If you’re after power readings, but aren’t fussed about your left/right balance, these single sided power pedals represent an affordable option for getting the “metric of truth”. Although the power reading itself is accurate to ±1 per cent, it works by simply doubling the reading of your left leg, so it’s not quite as precise as the double-sided pedals.
Although it is only the left that reads power, you’ll still get a dumb right-side pedal in the package. There’s also always the option to upgrade the right pedal down the line, if you decide to.
Garmin HRM Dual Heart Rate Monitor at ProBikeKit | £59.99 £47.99 
Although power might be the most hyped metric right now, heart rate hasn’t lost its importance. Although power might measure the work you are putting out, it isn’t measuring the effect it is having on your body—heart rate does. There’s a reason why you’ll rarely see the pros racing without one.
This strap communicates over ANT+ and Bluetooth for fuss free connectivity and Garmin claim that the battery won’t need replacing for three and a half years.
Garmin Forerunner 735XT at Amazon | £299.99 £221.00 
The cost of equipment for any budding triathlete can quickly add up, but Garmin’s Multisport watch can triple up for measuring your swims, cycles and runs. There are many great features relating to the other two sports, but we’ll focus here on the cycling.
The watch can pair up with your power meter and heart rate monitor to show you those metrics as you ride and also to give an estimate of your VO2 max. It’s also compatible with Strava live segments, so you can see your competition in real time as you blast it up those hills.
Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight at Wiggle | £149.99 £99.99 
Garmin's Varia UT800 Smart Headlight has an 800-lumen beam that will last up to 1.5 hours and has five different light modes to tailor to the conditions you are riding in. But the impressive part is, when you connect to an Edge cycling computer, the GPS automatically adjusts the intensity of the light depending on the speed you're riding - the faster, the brighter.
Garmin Charge Power Pack Black at Rutland Cycling | £119.99 £102.59
Doubling the battery life of a Garmin Edge 1030 from 20 to 40 hours, an external battery pack is a must for bikepacking trips and audaxes. Pairing with Garmin’s Out-Front Mount, the integration is clean and simple.

Best Garmin deals US

Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle |  $699.99 $594.99
The 1030 is  solid computer, and this bundle gives you the GPS device as well as a bonus heart rate monitor strap, speed and cadence sensors, and mount included - that means you'll have everything you need to get set up. The 1030 offers navigation as well as providing a large display to data analysis.
Garmin Edge 520 Plus Bike Computer at Competitive Cyclist | $279.99 $223.99
The Garmin Edge 520 has long been a popular model, it provides data readings on all the standard metrics - such as speed, distance, time, elevation, calories burned and pairs with external devices to rear power, cadence and heart rate. The Plus model comes pre-loaded with full-color Garmin Cycle Map and Strava Live Segments, too.
Garmin fenix 6 Multisport GPS Watch at REI | $600 $449.99
If you're partial to sports outside of cycling, or just want your stats on your wrist, then this GPX watch from Garmin is a great option. It's water resistant to 100 metres, and can also act as a heart rate monitor via wrist based readings.
Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer at Competative Cyclist |  $699.99 $594.99
The Edge 1030 is reduced for UK and US customers, and it's a 'do-it-all' machine, capable of offering detailed mapping, tons of data fields as well as navigation to specific areas or points of interest. You'll also get Strava Live segments, and of course pairing via Bluetooth and ANT+.
Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight at Wiggle | $196.70 $169.49
Another one that's on offer both in the US and the UK is Garmin's Varia UT800 Smart Headlight. This connects to a Garmin Edge computer and automatically adjusts the strength of the beam based upon your riding speed. The max output is of course 800 lumens, and it lasts for 1.5 hours, with five different light modes.

Background on Garmin

Whether you're new to the sport or have been pedalling for years, we recommend that all riders get a dedicated cycling computer. Whether you're looking for a computer to navigate for you or one to hook your power meter so you can track your interval sessions, Garmin really has something for everyone.

Garmin has a wide ranging product library and has long been considered a market leader when it comes to cycling computers and sports watches. It also makes a range of power meter pedals as well as heart rate monitors and speed and cadence sensors.

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