Best kids' bike deals 2022: offers on children's bikes

If your child has asked for a new bike you might want to take a look at these great deals on kids bikes

Hoy Meadowmill

Christmas is just around now is a great time to get your child riding again.

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While there were plenty of Black Friday bike deals for adults, there was little on offer for the little ones. Until now. Retailers seem to have saved the best till last and are now giving away some great deals on some of the best kids bikes.

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As kids bikes is a huge spectrum, we've broken the page down in to age categories to help you find the best deal on the best bike for your little one.

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Best kids bike deals - Balance bikes 2-5yrs

Co-op Cycles REV 12 Kids' Balance Bike (USA) $139.00 $110.93  (opens in new tab)

Get your little one used to balancing on two wheels without the fuss of pedals. The Co-op Cycles REV 12 kids' balance bike has a maneuverable aluminum frame and a pack of stickers for personalization.


Strider is the first name in blanace bikes. This 14-inch push-bike is designed to help your young rider develop important handling skills. It features a lightweight alloy frame and plenty of seatpost to grow with your growing cyclist.
The Wiggle house brand has impressed us with it's adult bike offerings, so we'd expect the same when it comes to kids bikes. The Aluminium frame and fork weighs a featherweight 1.9kg and coming with 10" wheels is one of the smallest balanced bikes out there. Perfect for starting your little shredder on as soon as possible.
Another wee wheeled bike at 10", but this one come with a brake for adding another bike riding skill in to the mix. The steel frame and for does make it heaver than other options on the market though.
We're big fans of balance bikes for helping little legs get riding. This one comes with a lightweight Aluminium frame, steel fork and 12" wheels. Weighing approximately 3.3kg it shouldn't be to heavy for little ones to manoeuvre, or for you to carry if they get tired.

Best kids bike deals - Starter bikes age 3 - 5yrs

Coming with 12" wheels, this starter bike is an ideal transition to cycling once they've mastered the balance bike. The aluminium bike also comes with a brake to add the next element of bike control skills
The 16" wheel bike is another good option for starting out with pedaling and brakes without the added complication of brakes. The Aluminum frame is paired with a steel fork. We'd highly recommend the safe removal of the stabilisers after progressing from a balance bike, which will also help bring the overall weight down.

Best kid's bike deals: age 5-10yrs

This 20-inch Strider is designed to help older children (8-12 years of age) master the art of riding. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and a rear brake to get them in the habit of using handbrakes.
The first geared bike your kid will probably ride. Reliable 6 speed Shimano Tourney gears with, with 20" wheels and front and rear brakes. Hardly the lightest of bikes on the market, so best stick to the flat, but the price drop does make bike riding more accessible for kids especially this time of the year.
With it's mudguards and luggage rack, this the Electra Sprocket 31 is a real mini me commuter bike. It's a 20" wheel'ed bike with front and rear brakes, but with no gears it keeps it simple on the Aluminium framed steel fork combo.
The 14" steel frame with 24" wheels isn't the lightest, but the 18 Shimano Tourney gears should help power this along. A good discount on this bike has made put it on our radar.
This is the real deal and a grab it while it's hot price. The much respected Hoy kid's bike range is rear to see discounted before christmas. The road/ cyclocross/ adventure bike comes with an Aluminium frame, Shimano Claris 8 Speed groupset, 26" wheels and Schealbe CX pro off road tyres.

We'll keep bringing you more deals as soon as they come available so make sure to check back!

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