Best (not) Cyber Monday Rapha deals UK 2021

Rapha aren't promoting Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals - but that doesn't mean you can't pick up a discounted item from the retailer

Best (not) Cyber Monday Rapha deals UK 2021
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Rapha aren't exactly known for following the crowd, and there's no exceptions over the big sales period. First it was no to Black Friday, now the brand are continuing it's stance over Cyber Monday. 

However that doesn't mean you can't bag one of the best Cyber Monday bike deals on some of its hottest items. 

With a reputation for pricier, more exclusive apparel, it's generally accepted that you do get what you pay for. Everything from first class finishing and high tech fabrics, to quirky limited designs and co-labs with divers artists and influencers. 

Over the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday long weekend, the brand tend to call a collective ride out, shutting up shop as a demonstration of it's boycotting the concept. 

But just because there aren't any huge SALE signs hanging in Rapha's virtual, or actual, shop windows, doesn't mean you can't bag a bargain. 

We've been ferreting in the Rapha back rooms and found some cracking discounts that are far to good not to pass on to Cycling Weekly readers. It's worth remembering that you'll still be supporting a brand that will make an impressive charity donation should the target Black Friday million kilometres be reached.  

If you did ride rather than buy on Friday, maybe now it's time to reward yourself for all your efforts with one of these hidden gems. 

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Our pick of the deals:

Women's Pro Team winter jacket:   $250

Women's Pro Team winter jacket:  $250 now $175 £180 now £126

Save $75/£54 Coming in four different colours - we think the purple is the smartest - this winter jacket is the perfect top layer for a cold ride.

Men's Long Sleeve Core Jersey:   $95

Men's Long Sleeve Core Jersey:  $95 now $66 £70 now £59 

Save $29 / £11. Made with thicker fabric than Rapha's summer offering, this is a good selection for when the mercury isn't too cold but it's not warm enough for short sleeves. There are eight different colour schemes. 

Men's Core Rain Jacket II:   $135

Men's Core Rain Jacket II:  $135 now $121 £100 now £90 -

Save $14/ £10. Even when it rains, you can still look stylish. And that's a guarantee with Rapha's popular rain jacket. Lightweight, it is an ideal protector against wind as well. We are fan of the dark green and orange jackets. 

Women's Cargo Winter Tights with Pad: $325

Women's Cargo Winter Tights with Pad: $325 now $225 £240 now £144 

Save $100/£85 Heavily discounted, these smart winter tights have an insulated chamois fitted in and have the additional bonus of reflective straps along the cuff of the tights. Boasting durable water-repellent treatment on the fleece-backed fabric, they are a great pair of tights for winter riding.

Men's Pro Team Ascent Bib Shorts II:

Men's Pro Team Ascent Bib Shorts II: $270 now $189 £195 now £117

Save $81/£78. Get shopping now for summer gear with these discounted bib shorts that, Rapha say, are made for the fastest of rides. Lightweight fabric that is fast-wicking, there are two radio pockets on the lower back. 

Women's Classic Jersey II: $150

Women's Classic Jersey II: $150 now $60 £110 now £44 

Save $90/ £66 As the name suggests, this smart jersey is about as Rapha as it comes: clean, tidy and fashionable. Breathable and lighter than the edition before, it's been reduced significantly. 

Classic Shoes: $250

Classic Shoes: $250 now $185 £180 now £126 

Save $65/£54. A lightweight and comfortable shoe that comes in white, black and silver, it's a classic design that will have heads turning out on the road. 

Men's EF Pro Team Aero Jersey:

Men's EF Pro Team Aero Jersey: $195 now $78  £145 now £58 

Save $117/ £87 The best jersey in the peloton? There's a fair argument that says it is. Pink with blue swatches on the bottom of it and EF imprinted on the back, it's a modern take on what makes a good cycling jersey.

Women's Commuter Lightweight Jacket:

Women's Commuter Lightweight Jacket: $110 now $77 £80 now £72 

Save $33/£8. There are four colours to choose from and whatever you choose you'll be satisfied with a lightweight, breathable jacket that is ideal as you go from A to B and back again. 

Roll Top Backpack: $135

Roll Top Backpack: $135 now $80 £100 now £60

Save $55/£40. Taking inspiration from the hard-wearing bags that bike messengers use, Rapha's version is abrasion-resistant and the roll-down section allows you to stuff whatever you want into it. There are bike-specific sections for lights and lock. Great for commuting or even just nipping out to the shop.

Imperial Works Track Jacket : now £144

Imperial Works Track Jacket: now £144 - was £180; now $225 - was $250

Save £36/$25. This wouldn't look out of place as an any-day-of-the-week light jacket, meaning it can be used whatever the occasion. Based on the knitted track jackets that Italian clubs used once upon a time, the merino wool blend provides excellent comfort.

Women's RCC Bib Shorts: $250

Women's RCC Bib Shorts: $250 now $125 £180 now £90 

Save $90/£34. Using a soft fabric that offers comfort and support, the bibs are shaped to the rider's on-bike position. The upper part and straps are in a striking pink colour, with RCC written across the back. 

Lite Pro Team Jersey: $165

Lite Pro Team Jersey: $165 now $132 £120 now £95 - 

Save $33/£25. You too can look like Mitch Docker. Designed with the Australian, this jersey will get everyone talking about you. Designed for a racey position on the bike, there are three pockets in the rear.

Imperial Works Women's Tricolour Jersey: $190  

Imperial Works Women's Tricolour Jersey: $190  now $133 £140 now £98 

Save $57/£42. A limited edition jersey based on an old London club with a hint of Italian, the tricolour jersey is an impressive-looking jersey that is a throwback to another era with a modern twist. 

Canyon/SRAM Women's Pro Team Training Jersey: $115 now $69 

Canyon/SRAM Women's Pro Team Training Jersey: $115 now $69 £85 now £50 

Save $46/ £35. A cracking design that keeps you looking fit, fast and smart on your training rides. Designed for warm and mild conditions, the jersey has a high-stretch fabric that wicks away seat.

More discounted cycling gear... 

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