Fizik unveils first digitally printed saddle

A partnership with Silicon Valley digital firm gives rise to unique new saddle tech

Fizik has unveiled a rather unique looking new saddle at Eurobike. The new Adaptive saddle is the result of a partnership between Fizik and Silicon Valley based digital manufacturing company, Carbon.

Carbon is a specialist in Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology which uses digital ultraviolet light projection, oxygen permeable optics and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with a distinctive finish giving providing 'excellent mechanical properties'.

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This results in a saddle that does away with the traditional foam padding utilised by almost all saddle manufacturers and instead creates a latticework of polymer material that act as tiny springs to take on the role of cushioning and supporting the rider.

Carbon DLS technology allows Fizik’s designers, sports scientists and engineers to precisely address cyclists’ needs in terms of power transfer, shock absorption, stability and comfort, with none of the constraints or limitations imposed by traditional production methods or materials such as foam. Fizik is working to produce a range of saddles that feature padding made of Carbon’s EPU 41 material.

fizik adaptive

The digitally printed polymer lattice provides the support and cushioning for the Fizik Adaptive

In order to create the most suitable shape for Adaptive Fizik used pressure mapping data collected over nine years from the world’s best professional cyclists. The first Adaptive saddles will be based on Fizik’s Versus Evo 00 platform – a top of the range, carbon fibre saddle that delivers a reduced weight with a shape that incorporates a full channel offering soft tissue pressure relief.

Where the use of DLS technology is really interesting is in its ability to produce a fully customisable product. Meaning Fizik has expressed the potential for collecting consumers’ pressure-mapping in stores, using it to create fully personalised saddles. An area that could usher in the next level of bike fit and bike customisation.

fizik adaptive

The Adaptive will be available in Regular and Large width options. The rest of the saddle construction is full carbon.

This is the second bicycle component company to partner with Carbon and use the DLS technology after Specialized unveiled its new S-Works Power saddle with Mirror Technology last month.

The saddle will slated as being available in the coming months at and selected dealers.