Fizik releases new eye-catching Giro d'Italia shoes

Fizik has previously launched custom shoes during the Giro d'Italia but for the 101st edition the Italian brand now has a special edition Aria 101

Fizik Aria 101

Italian shoe brand Fizik has celebrated the 101st Giro d'Italia with a unique pair of shoes "fit to grace the winner [of the Giro d'Italia] in Rome", which will be available to the likes of us, but only to the first 101 customers.

The shoes in question are based on Fizik's Aria R3 shoes that will, in their standard guise, set you back £264.99.

However, these Aria 101's designed in partnership with footwear artist Simon Fellows, the man behind Artful Kicks, limited to only 101 pairs, will surprise you in that they won't be that much more expensive, €290 in fact.

Fizik Aria 101

Simon Fellow's from Artful Kicks has worked in partnership with Fizik

Fellows called upon the history of the event for design cues and says he enjoyed the project with Fizik.

“Having hand-painted many pairs of Fizik cycling shoes for customers around the world, it was an honour to have been approached directly by Fizik to produce a unique design, on a pair of shoes and a saddle, to celebrate the 101st Giro d’Italia," he said.

"I gain a lot of inspiration from abstract and geometric shapes and combine these with bright colours and sharp lines. The pink accents along the design represent the major towns and cities along the route of the first edition of the Giro in 1909 and of course, we all know the colour of the winner’s jersey!"

Fizik Aria 101

The shoes are based on the Fizik Aria R3s

The shoes themselves are a step down from the Fizik Infinitos that were recently launched, seen most notably on the feet of the Movistar team, last year. You can see more about them in the latest Tech of the Month.

Fizik says that the shoes will weigh 243g for a size 42.5. The closure system is secured by Boa via two dials and use a Microtex Laser perforated upper with a UD carbon fibre sole that should all add up to a rather nice shoe for the money.

You can purchase the shoes on